The Charlotte Area Green Party cultivates grassroots democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom and nonviolence in the Charlotte region and beyond. Greens around the region and the world are united by our Ten Key Values We are revitalizing our planet and our democracy without the corrupting influence of corporate and PAC money. Please join us!

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Support Workers! March with us in the 14th annual Charlotte Labor Day Parade

The Charlotte Area Green Party will be marching in the 14th annual Charlotte Labor Day Parade on September 1. The parade will start lining-up at 8:30 AM at the Hal Marshal Center parking lot between North Tryon and College Street. At 11 AM the parade will kick-off, proceeding down Tryon Street, turning on Third Street, and ending at the corner of Third and College. Anyone who wants to show their support for organized labor and/or the Green Party, please join us! Plenty of parking is available in a county lot across College Street from the Hal Marshal parking lot. For more information contact Kathryn at 704 888 0108.

Join the Global Climate Convergence Here In Charlotte, April 22 - May 1

The Global Climate Convergence is a movement for democracy and justice that is sweeping the globe. People are rising up against the crisis of economy, ecology, and democracy. The growing climate disaster intensifies all our struggles, creating new urgency for unified action.

As part of the Global Climate Convergence, the non-profit Carolina Climate Action is organizing a 10-day fast – between Earth Day (April 22) and May Day (May 1) – in support of other actions around the world to confront the overwhelming impacts of climate change.

Charlotte Earth Day Celebration 2014 - April 26th

To rally support, Carolina Climate Action is hosting a candlelight vigil in uptown Charlotte at The Square on the evening of Tuesday, April 22; 7:30pm and an Earth Day Celebration in Marshall Park on Saturday, April 26; 12:00 – 6:00pm.

Visit the North Carolina Green Party for more details.

Green Party Calls Monsanto a Top Risk to Public Health and the Environment

The Monsanto Corporation is a top "corporate climate criminal" whose drive for profit and control of the global food system threatens food safety, biodiversity, and food sovereignty. Monsanto is the world's leading producer and proponent of genetically modified agriculture. Through aggressive purchases of seed companies, Monsanto is rapidly taking control of the world's seed supply.

In addition, Monsanto produces dangerous chemicals that poison communities, add toxics to the food supply and create 'super weeds' that require increased application of even more toxic herbicides. Monsanto also promotes farming practices that severely exacerbate climate change by requiring excessive water and energy, and promoting massive deforestation to provide land for genetically modified agriculture.

Monsanto uses its political connections and market power to intimidate farmers and create a near monopoly on seeds creating a fragile, homogenous food supply as well as to protect themselves from liability for their actions. As more information becomes available, it is clear that Monsanto's practices threaten the future of our ability to grow food and live healthy lives.

Read the full Green Party Monsanto press release

The Rule of Law Demands Corporations be Subordinate to Government

The TPP undermines the rule of law. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a global coup that undermines democracy and makes corporations more powerful than government. It creates a "trade tribunal" system that allows corporations to sue governments for expected lost profits resulting from environmental, labor, health, consumer protection and other laws. The judges in the tribunals will be corporate lawyers on temporary leave from corporate job in order to rule on cases brought by corporations and then returning to their corporate job. This rigged rule of law system will prevent countries from acting in the public interest and for the protection of the planet. The Obama administration seeks to make this constitutional violation even worse by passing this secretly negotiated trade deal under "Fast Track" provisions.

Read the full Green Party TPP press release

We Need Your Help to Get the Green Party on the Ballot in NC

The 2012 campaign of Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein broke records for the Green Party from coast to coast -- but she was not on the ballot in North Carolina! You can't register Green, you can't vote Green. It's time to get riled up about that, and then get it fixed. The North Carolina Green Party has launched an all-out push to get the signatures required to get the Green Party on the ballot in NC.

The Green Party does not accept corporate or PAC donations, and can not hire the armies of professional signature gatherers other third parties have used to get on the ballot in NC. This is a grassroots effort and we need your help.

Download the Ballot Access Petition
Download Instructions and Tips for Gathering Signatures

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